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Why are the really smart kids getting Ds and Fs? This is a question Mariaemma began asking in elementary school when as a “straight A student” she noticed that certain classmates knew so much more than she did in various subjects, yet were getting very poor grades. In pursuit of the answer to this question, she became a pioneer in the area of student-centered and personalized learning solutions, and has been committed to success for every child since 1988.

Mariaemma has worked with thousands of children, parents, and teachers, assessing different ways of learning, diagnosing school problems, designing customized curriculum plans, and sharing teaching techniques and strategies that enable all students to learn.

Mariaemma is an expert in tailoring instruction to the unique needs of individual students:

  • building on their strengths
  • mitigating their challenges
  • creating environments that are engaging and that spark their desire to learn

Mariaemma’s approach to student-centered learning enables:

  • students to take ownership of their learning
  • educators to turn information into action in the classroom
  • parents to be informed and participate in the process

Mariaemma has also conducted training programs for literacy volunteers throughout Southern California, taught learning success strategies in correctional facilities, developed assessment and teaching procedures for adult students, and written books for parents and teachers. Credentials include: B.A. Psychology, M.S. Education, California Life Teaching Credentials for regular and special education.

With Victoria Kindle Hodson she co-founded Reflective Educational Perspectives, LLC and co-authored Midlife Crisis Begins in Kindergarten and the Self-Portrait™ Power Traits Assessment.

Their personalized learning approach and educator-centered coaching programs have been used by teachers and parents; public, private, and charter schools; and classroom and independent study programs, throughout the U.S. as well as internationally: Japan, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Mariaemma lives in Ventura, California with her husband, Ron. In her “spare” time she loves to read and garden. Hobbies include nutrition, holistic health, interior design, and personal development.   m@learningsuccesscoach.com, 805-648-1739



As a teacher, curriculum and materials designer and consultant, Victoria Kindle Hodson has worked for 40 years to bring the best brain-based practices in education and psychology to students, teachers, and parents. She is a pioneer of many of current trends, including personalized learning, student centered learning, project-based learning, blended learning, and the flipped classroom.

In 1988 she co-created with Mariaemma Willis a breakthrough platform to facilitate an individual’s transition from a fixed to a growth mindset that has been used with great success by tens of thousands of parents, teachers, and students. This personalized learning platform provides the foundation for an alternative to the “one-size-fits-all” classroom and is based on the latest research as well as her insights based on her studies and teaching experience.

Victoria has degrees in education and counseling psychology and has trained extensively in special education, parenting, communication skills development, Montessori education, and organization development. She has worked with and spoken to thousands of children and parents in the United States, Japan….  as well as to homeschooling families and classroom teachers, assessing personal learning needs, diagnosing school problems, designing customized curriculum plans, and teaching techniques and strategies that help children learn and teachers teach more effectively.   victoria.hodson@sbcglobal.net, 805-701-0789


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